Sausage Strike

Farmer Sampson has just opened a Butchers Shop in Alpha City! Their new shop is offering a fresh selection of produce for everyone locally. The most popular item is their free range sausages! They have customers lining up down the street to buy them. However, “Johnny the Butcher” who owns a shop down the street is really upset with this new opening. Before, everyone only shopped in Johnnys butchers shop because he was the only one in the entire city. Johnny has 2 choices…. fight the competition or sabotage the competition. Johnny isn’t much of a fighting man, so has decided to instead try to sabotage Farmer Sampsons sausage supply.

Johnny plans to kill Farmer Samspons pigs this Saturday whilst they are at the local Farmers Market. Can you help protect the pigs? Without these pigs, there will be no more sausages!

Event Date: Saturday 30th April – 11am UTC
Event Location: Event Portal

Everyone is welcome to join! Leave your items, tools and weapons at home or in the barrels, as everything will be provided.

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