Shopping Directory Updated

Hey everyone! The shopping directory in the Shopping District has had a splash of colour added to it. From now on, when placing a sign on the directory you must place the sign within your coloured block. So if you have a shop on pink street, then you add your shop sign within the pink block. It’s that simple! There is only enough signs per street. As an example, there is only 20 signs for lime street. Which means, that if there is no signs available.. You need to update or remove the sign which shouldn’t be on there. The directory only works if the signs are updated by everyone!

Hopefully with this new design, players should have NO difficulty in finding your shops. We have coloured roads, street names, metro lines, and now a colour coordinated directory.

The bad news? You all need to add your signs to the directory. Log in when you can, and grab yourself a spot! The birch signs are just an example of where the sign should be. You are more than welcome to exchange for a different colour sign if you prefer.

Hopefully you are all pleased with this new change! Have a great week.

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