Slime Crime

The Slime King has been hearing whispers of how many diamonds are being placed in the silent auction this week! With an estimate of over 10,000 diamonds he wants a taste of those shiny rocks. The Slime King has a bit of a gambling problem in Wolf Casino, and has spent all of his Kingdoms money! He is desperate, and knows that these extra diamonds can ensure food for his slimy green friends for a few weeks.

The Slime King, and his army of slime attacked the security truck whilst it was on it’s journey to the Alpha City Bank! The bank has claimed the loss with their insurance company, but do not like the idea of these diamonds being used to feed nasty green monsters! The bank has given us the coordinates for the Slime Kings home. Any diamonds we find, we can keep as a reward! However, the king is expecting us, so has stepped up his defences. Will you help us take back the diamonds, whilst fighting the Slime Kings army?

Event Date: Sunday 6th March – 7pm UTC
Event Location: Event Portal

Everyone is welcome to join! Including Newcomers. Leave your items, tools and weapons at home or in the barrels provided, as everything will be given to ensure a fair game.

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