Snow Storm

This morning, Trader Teddy was caught up in a snow blizzard whilst traveling home to his family! He had spent the weekend selling his famous oranges in the Medieval district. The winds were fierce, and the temperature was icy cold. During the crazy storm, Teddy tried his best to see where he was going. But due to poor vision, Teddy crashed his boat into an unexpected ice spike biome! This sent all of his oranges flying all over the frozen island.

No one has heard from Teddy since, and his family are really worried about him. We have prepared a crew, and shall arrive at the island on Sunday! As a reward for your help, Teddy is willing to swap his lost oranges for rewards. Will you help us find Teddy, and collect his oranges?

Event: Snow Storm
Event Date: Sunday 26th September – 7pm UTC
Event Location: Event Portal

Everyone is welcome to join! Bring your own tools, and food. Also, bring a warm jacket!

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