Space Raiders

The TCREX1-Io Space Station recently had a large shipment of loot intercepted by space raiders whilst the cargo ship was returning to the TogetherX Space Team on Earth. The good news is that the cargo ship had a self destruct function built in, which was activated. The cargo ship crashed on an End Island with no survivors. The bad news, is that the TogetherX team has never ventured in the End before! The barrels of cargo have scattered all over the End island! Some barrels may be empty, as the items evaporated due to the air pressure in space. They are looking for brave, nimble, and intelligent treasure hunters who have the courage to retrieve the treasure in Space. As a reward, you are allowed to keep what you find! WIll you find the barrels with loot? Or will you go home empty handed?

Event: Treasure Hunt
Event Date: Saturday 29th January – 7pm UTC
Event Location: Event Portal

Everyone is welcome to join! Including Newcomers. Leave your items, tools and weapons at home or in the barrels provided, as everything will be given to ensure a fair game.

Ready to start your adventure?

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