The Cure

We have finally been able to create a stable home on the planet Mars! We have water, electricity, and even a small laboratory to get us started. The only problem, is that we don’t have workers! TogetherCraftians cannot live outside of our protected domes, as the air is too thin. Therefore, we need to create a new species of space humans! We have spotted green alien men roaming around outside the Mars Complex, and DrPuffyPants has created a cure to make them more human looking! Elon Musk is of course funding this project, and shall reward you for time. The more “aliens” that you can convert, the larger the reward! Of course this shall not be an easy task, as the planet is riddled with nasty space creatures. Whilst curing the “aliens”, you must also keep them safe from wild creatures lurking outside. Resources are extremely in short supply, so you must work together to collect the materials needed to cure as many “aliens” as possible. Are you ready to be part of the cure? Or will the planet be cursed?

Event date: SUNDAY 2nd October – 7pm UTC

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