The rise of Allegra

The era of peace has come to an end! Risen from the depths, an evil sorcerer now threatens our server! They vow to rain fear across the land. Turning the locals into zombies, to do their bidding. As the world plummets into darkness, a hero must rise and destroy the evil sorcerer!

A strange Merchant has been spotted, telling the tale of a once famous sword, capable of restoring the world back to peace. The merchant is forbidden from giving the location of the ancient sword, and has created a series of riddles and puzzles to help you.

You must journey on, and recover the ancient artifacts by destroying the evil guardians. Will you band together, or be a lone warrior? You must decide, for the fate of the server rests with you! You must answer the riddles, and solve puzzles.

Each correct answer will lead you to the next task. The first person to find the Ancient artifacts wins! The first riddle to find the merchant will be revealed in the events channel on discord, and in game on Sunday 13th June at 7pm UTC.

Event: Riddle Adventur
Event Date: Sunday 13th June – 7pm UTC
Event Location: Event Portal

Everyone is welcome to play!(edited)

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