The Spiders Nest

We all recently received a letter in our post boxes for “Free Candy”. The letter included coords, and a time to meet. Well, with such an enticing offer of free candy… the entire world showed up! Confused as to who was offering the free candy, we all waited in the dark cold for our treat. Well it seems that this treat was in fact a trick! We were ambushed by the evil Spider Queen, and her army of 8 legged freaks! We have all been thrown into a cage awaiting to be turned into spider food. But the spiders forgot one thing… we have LordSkitter the animal whisperer in these tiny cages with us! He was able to use his mystical spider whispering powers, and convince one of the 8 legged freaks to let us out. We ran for our lives! Running through the spider maze, we must find the exit. Will we ever escape? Or will we be trapped in this spiders nest?

Event date: SATURDAY 8th October – 11am UTC

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