Through The Dark

Whilst enjoying your dinner with your family on Sunday, your drunkard of an Uncle Dave showed up. Uncle Dave had been a treasure hunter for many years, but went crazy when trying to find the entrance of a Cave filled with treasure. He kept shouting out the coordinates at the dinner table, and this time you decided to write them down.

With your ambitious curiosity, you figured out where the entrance was! You kept dreaming of all the gold which was inside, and didn’t tell anyone else about your future adventure.

On Saturday at 7pm UTC, when the moon is full, the portal to get inside shall open.

In the pitch black dark, with no torches, you must find you way to the treasure! Will you make it out alive? Will you spiral into madness trying to find the exit? The map is filled with warnings of ancient monsters, which guard the cave, and the treasures inside.

The first player to find the exit, shall be able to claim treasure!

Event: Dark Maze Event
Event Location: Event Portal
Event Date: Saturday 11th September – 7pm UTC

Everyone is welcome to join! Including Newcomers. Leave your valuable items, tools and weapons at home or in the barrels provided.

Ready to start your adventure?

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