TogetherCrafters, Prepare for the Tricky Trials!

Attention all TogetherCraft adventurers! The rumors are true – Mojang Studios’ “Tricky Trials” update (1.21) is on the horizon, promising a summer filled with thrilling challenges and hidden rewards. Here at TogetherCraft, we’re beyond excited to bring this update to our incredible community!

Trials Await: Teamwork Makes the Dream Work

The centerpiece of 1.21 is the introduction of Trial Chambers – procedurally generated dungeons packed with puzzles, combat encounters, and of course, loot! We know TogetherCraft thrives on collaboration, and these trials are the perfect opportunity to test your teamwork. Imagine venturing into the depths with your fellow builders, strategizing your approach, and emerging victorious together.

Keeping Our World Intact: No Reset Here!

We understand the countless hours poured into your builds and creations. That’s why we’re happy to announce that TogetherCraft will NOT be resetting the world for the update. That’s right, your amazing builds and cozy homes are safe! The new Trial Chambers will likely appear in unexplored territories or “trimmed” chunks, areas outside your explored zones that will be updated with the new features. This way, you can continue exploring and enjoying the familiarity of TogetherCraft while venturing into uncharted territory for the Tricky Trials.

Strengthening Our Community Through Challenge

TogetherCraft’s spirit is built on teamwork and friendly competition. We envision guilds forming “Trial Teams”, tackling chambers with lightning speed and strategic brilliance. The race for the best completion times and rarest loot promises to be exhilarating, further forging bonds within our community.

Beyond Trials: A Server Enriched

The Tricky Trials update isn’t just about conquering dungeons. We’re also excited about the new redstone crafter, perfect for streamlining your automated contraptions. The copper bulb blocks will add a whole new level of creative flair to your builds, while the high-risk, high-reward mace promises to spice up your combat encounters.

Together We Face the Trials!

The Tricky Trials update, coupled with TogetherCraft’s established community, promises an unforgettable summer for Minecraft players. Whether you’re a seasoned adventurer or a budding builder, there’s something for everyone in this update. So, sharpen your tools, assemble your team, and prepare to conquer the challenges that await! We at TogetherCraft can’t wait to see you face the trials and create unforgettable memories together!

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