Treasure Trees

Queen Liz, like many in the world likes to hide her wealth on private islands. These islands are stacked full of so many diamonds that even the local environment has started to grow diamonds on trees! It is absolutely crazy what mother nature can do these days. Due the high value of diamonds on the trees, her majesty has assigned Royal Guards to protect the island. Luckily for us, @Tekkersmon is friends with one of the guards who has allowed us entry onto the private island. We haven’t told them the part about us harvesting the diamond trees for ourselves, so need to be quick to ensure we don’t get spotted! With Royal Guards running around, and limited tools… Do you think you can harvest the Treasure Trees?

Event Location: Event Portal
Event Date: Saturday 4th June – 7pm UTC

Everyone is welcome to join! Leave your items, tools and weapons at home or in the barrels, as everything will be provided.

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