Turf Wars

As we all know, Rosendahlen recently moved into the Bearverly Hills district! Houses prices have been falling daily, and there are some who are extremely unhappy about it. The only way that these super rich can fund their lifestyle is by the piles of gold which they keep in their mansions! If the gold is removed from their mansions, then they will have to move out. Rose really wants to keep his home in Bearverly Hills, so has made plans to steal the gold from MrBearMan_ mansion. So now, the Turf War has begun! Who will have their gold stolen first? Will you help protect Rose’s gold? Or will you try and take it away from him?

Event: Capture the Gold – PvP
Event Date: Sunday 30th January – 7pm UTC
Event Location: Event Portal

Everyone is welcome to join! Including Newcomers. Leave your items, tools and weapons at home or in the barrels provided, as everything will be given to ensure a fair game

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