Want to play a game?

There once was a man named the Trickster, who thought himself a bit of a hipster. He likes to play games that inflict death, and pain. Some would say he was quite the sickster. As time gets old, so does he, so one last game is what there shall be. Now he needs you, a new successor, to carry on his pain, torture and pleasure.

Join your fellow TogetherCrafters in a spine chilling, thrill seeking contest to decide the next Halloween Trickster! To prove that you are a worthy successor, you must solve puzzles, avoid traps, and outwit other players. Each correct answer will lead you to the next task. The first person to finish, will succeed as the new Trickster!

Will you work together? Or go it solo? The decision is yours!

The first riddle to the Tricksters game will be revealed in the events channel on discord, and in game on Sunday 10th October at 7pm UTC!

Everyone is welcome to join! Bring your own tools, armour, and food.

Ready to start your adventure?

Apply now! Fill out a Newcomer application on Discord.