We have Quests

Hey everyone! Quests are finally here. I know, I am just excited as you are. I am sorry for the delay, but after late nights, and long days… We have 564 quests to start you off with! This is just the beginning, and we plan to add a few extra quests in the future. I mean, we have to add warden quests for sure! Everyone can do 1 quest at a time, but Amethyst can do 2 quests as a rank perk. When you have completed the quest, if you would like… you can do another quest straight after! There is no daily limit.

How do I start a quest?
Simply do the /quest command in game, and a GUI will appear. Within this panel, you can then select the quest which you would like to do.

What are the commands?
/quests – Start a new quest.
/quest started – This will show you the quests started!
/quest cancel – Cancel the quest.

Where do I use my Quest Crate Key?
When you complete a quest, you shall be given a Quest Crate Key! These are only obtainable by completing quests. When you have completed the quest, you shall receive a Quest Crate Key. You can use this key to open the Quest Crate in the Capitol to redeem a random prize.

Some of the code was written at like 3am, so there may be some bugs or spelling mistakes. If you find anything unusual, then just pop us a message to ModMail on discord, so we can fix it straight away. I would like to thank you all for your patience on this new addition, and hope you enjoy the quests, as much as we enjoyed making them!

Have a great week everyone!

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