Witch Hunt

Not many of you know, but I am of course very very good friends with Willy Wonka the Chocolate Magician! We went to the same chocolate cooking classes. He was just a little more successful with it, than I was. His famous beloved chocolate is craved by adults, and children all around the world. As you can imagine, he is currently extremely stressed preparing for the demand for more chocolate for Halloween! He has to manufacture almost 2 million chocolate bars in just 2 days. Willy Wonka is very secretive about his ingredients, and how they acquire them. Only WIlly knows the secret recipe to create his mouth watering Whipple-Scrumptious Fudge-Mallow Delight Bar. He only has one problem…. they are running low on sugar! It seems their supplier has an extreme shortage. This is why Willy Wonka is preparing a Witch Hunt! These large purple hatted devils drop the sweet stuff when killed. It is how sugar used to be produced. The 3 players who collects the most sugar, shall receive a grand prize!

Event date: SUNDAY 9th October – 7pm UTC

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