Witch Warfare

Our sweet Tatozs, and Fruitman_ have been living in a magical forest full of incredible beings, and flowers for over 100 years! It is such a beautiful, and enchanting place to live. These 2 young witches have both been working extremely hard to use their magical powers only for good. However, one day whilst strolling through the woods… they met the Evil Witch Queen known as MysticalFelineOG! They had an offer for the 2 sisters….. immortality! Of course it wasn’t free, and there was a catch. Only ONE of them could be granted this gift! Wanting the power for themselves, the 2 sisters slowly tore the forest apart to prove to Mysti that they are the most powerful. Who will you side with? The cunning Fruitman, or the devious Tatozs?

Event date: SUNDAY 23rd October – 7pm UTC

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