1.17 Is Coming

The news you have all been waiting for! 1.17.1 is officially coming to TogetherCraft. The wait is finally over, and all the plugins are ready for 1.17! This is very exciting news, as it means that we can finally update to 1.17.1 – Thank you @everyone for the patience!

What happens now?
On Monday 12th July 9am UTC the server will go into maintenance mode until estimated Tuesday 13th July 7pm UTC. We shall keep you updated when completed.

Why can’t we play straight away?
When we update to 1.17, we will need to update all of the plugins and ensure that there are no bugs or glitches. No one wants to play on a laggy, buggy world.

Will the world be reset?
NO. The world will remain the same, and no builds will be lost. As the 1.17 update is mainly mobs, and new blocks. We shall add an additional 10,000 blocks to the world border, giving us a total map size of 50,000 x 50,000. We understand that this is a big distance to travel, so shall have 4 portals located in the Main Hub to take you to the 1.17 outskirts.

What will I do with my spare time?
This maintenance, and update time will give you the chance to say hello to your friends, and family’s. Watch some films, and take time for yourself. So relax, and get ready to catch some axolotls!

Thank you for your continued support, I am very excited to play 1.17 together. Have a great weekend!

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