1.17.1 Is Here!

Hey everyone! This is the announcement you have all been waiting for. We have some very exciting changes, and tweaks on top of the already exciting new blocks and mobs!

Map Expansion & The Outskirts!
We now have 4 NEW 1.17 Portals in the Main Hub, which will take you to the outskirts of the map where you will be able to find, and enjoy the new 1.17 blocks and mobs. The map has been extended to 50,000 x 50,000 blocks to ensure there is plenty for everyone.

NEW Ranks!
Some of you may have realised that your Veteran rank, has been changed to @Explorer! Do not panic! You still have the same perks, as you did before. Just with a fresh new colour, and name. The reason is because, we now have 2 NEW Non-Donor Ranks with some exciting perks! Below is the new /rankup style:

Newcomer -> Member -> Explorer -> Adventurer -> Veteran

You can view all the details, and extra perks on our website here: https://togethercraft.online/vote/

Also, introducing the NEW Donator Rank… Netherite! Perks include an Ender Chest with 6 rows, Silk Touch Spawners, and the ability to add your own lore to items! You can find out more on our store: http://store.togethercraft.online/

Villagers, Villagers, Villagers!
How great would it be to leash villagers? Maybe have them follow an emerald block? Well, now you can! Yes, you read that correctly. Villagers can now follow emerald blocks, and be leashed! No more escaping Villies.

Extra Updates
– The command /overworldcoords has been updated to /overworld
– The command /nethercoords has been updated to /nether
– The /menu has been updated to look more professional – The /voteshop has been updated

Thank you all for being so patient! You will be able to join the server from 7pm UTC Today. I would use this short time to update your launchers, and mods to 1.17.1 ready for the launch. See you all soon!

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