1.18.2 Update

Hey everyone! We are on track for reopening the server at 5pm UTC. Which is just over 30 minutes time. So, I guess you are now all wondering what is new? Well… where do we begin?

We have have put on our big boy pants, and now have our very own lobby area! Like everything else, the lobby can only be accessed by being whitelisted, so we won’t have any riff raff trying to randomly join. We are now a one of a kind Whitelisted Network! The lobby area gives us room to grow, and expand into even more exciting things! Also, when the survival world restarts, you will now be kicked to the lobby area, where you can play parkour! Yes, we have our very own parkour game in the Lobby area to keep everyone amused whilst we wait.

Also…. We have a CREATIVE WORLD! 🗺️
Yes, you read that correctly, we have our very own, whitelisted creative world! This means that now you can build even more amazing things together. You can even save your builds to a schematic once you are finished, so you can then load it into the Survival world!

The creative world is setup in plots, which can be claimed or merged together to make even greater builds! Sadly we can’t offer unlimited plots, and building in the Creative World is restricted to Members and above.

Newcomer – 0 plot claim
Member – 1 plot claim
Explorer – 1 plot claim
Adventurer – 2 plot claims
Veteran – 2 plot claims
Pioneer – 3 plot claims
Engineer – 3 plot claims
Champion – 4 plot claims
Elder – 4 plot claims
Gold – 4 plot claims
Emerald – 4 plot claims
Diamond – 5 plot claims
Netherite – 6 plot claims

You can find out more about our new creative world, and all the commands here: https://togethercraft.online/guide/creative-world/

New Tweaks, and Small Updates
There is a lot more tweaks which have happened, but these are more backend. However, now when you do [item] it shall show the item in the mc-chat channel on discord for those lurking on discord to see what the item is.

I hope you are just as excited as I am for these new changes! I believe they shall make a great addition to our already amazing community. As always, thank you for your continued support! I look forward to seeing you all online soon.

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