1.19.2 is here!

Hey everyone! We have done it. 1.19.2 has finally arrived at TogetherCraft. Firstly, I would like to say sorry for the small delay! We had a chat bug fix which was important to fix. Okie dokie! Where to begin?

NEW Resource World Map!
The resource world map has been updated! I know a lot of you believe this will be updated “monthly”. However, if there is still sand, then the world still has a few extra weeks life in it. We shall update the world when it’s almost dead. We hope you enjoy this new map! It took Fenris almost 2 hours to find.

Rockit Science!
Okay, we have done something. Something big! Something, which Mojang should of done a while ago. How annoying is it that beds, potions, and saddles don’t stack? Yet.. Bread stacks! Like WTF? Well, we have made some adjustments to that! You can now stack even more items. Check them out below:

  • Potions – 8
  • Lingering Potions – 8
  • Splash Potions – 8
  • Beds – 16
  • Mushroom Stew – 64
  • Rabbit Stew – 64
  • Suspicious Stew – 64
  • Beetroot Soup – 64
  • Saddles – 8
  • Spyglass – 8
  • Water Bucket – 8
  • Lava Bucket – 8

Oceanside District Update!
Oceanside is now a Free Build district. Our idea of islands never really took off, so we have made the decision to make Oceanside a Free Build district.

Player Chat Reporting!
Okay, those of you who are really eager to report others. Guess what? You can’t. I know this may come as a relief for some, but the way that our global chat works currently makes it not possible to use the encrypted chat. This is what has taken the most of our time in perfecting! We believe that talking globally together is extremely essential within our community, and we didn’t want to lose that. Why doesn’t chat reporting work?Well, the TogetherCraft chat is smart you see. It runs in Async, which is the reason why when the server is on fire due to a blunder, you are still able to talk in chat. The chat itself runs on a seperate server with Astrid. This allows us to communicate globally.

Speaking of Global Chat…..
You can now /msg and /reply to players across the entire network. Someone could be in creative, and you may be in survival… and well you can now pop them a message.

Party Chat Fix!
Those who use party chat… The bug where your messages were being sent into the other servers has now been fixed! You can talk freely with your friends in survival in a group. Global party chat currently is not possible, but it is something which we shall work towards.

20% off Store SALE!
To celebrate the launch of 1.19.2, and the new features we shall be offering 20% OFF EVERYTHING in the store until Sunday 11th September!

Bugs, and glitches are bound to happen when 1.19.2 is still new to developers. So, if you do find a bug or a glitch… please message ModMail with the problem so we can fix it as quickly as possible.

I would like to thank you all for your patience! You will be able to join the server from 6pm UTC Today. I would use this short time to update your launchers, and mods to 1.19.2. We are very excited to welcome you back.

Ready to start your adventure?

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