Farwater Fight

In the very far East of the world, there stood the small town of Farwater. It was a quiet little village, home to only 10 villagers. This village had always been a peaceful place to just relax, and enjoy life. But, that was all about to change! It was a sunny, and peaceful day when it happened. A loud, and powerful howl bellowed through the tiny village. This is the first time that the villagers have heard this deadly goat horn sound! A boat filled with evil, and filthy monsters has been seen heading straight for the shoreline! With limited numbers, there is no way the villagers can protect themselves. They are calling for your help to protect their peaceful home town. Can you keep them safe? You will need to band together and help protect the villagers from these menacing monsters. They are willing to reward you for your efforts!

Event Date: SUNDAY 11th September – 7pm UTC

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