1.19.3 Is Here

Hey everyone! This is the announcement you have been waiting for. The TogetherCraft network has now all been updated to 1.19.3, so make sure you have the correct launchers, mods and shaders. Now with less than an hour to go, I guess it is only fair to tell you what I have been up to today.

Due to continued changes with Minecraft code, sadly some things had to be removed. Mostly, because now they have become so difficult to update that myself, and the Developers just don’t have the time.

/Skin Command Removed
With Minecraft’s new authentication checks, they are making it even more difficult for you to walk around with another players skin. Therefore, the /skin command has been sadly removed. I know how much you all loved this feature, and I will do my best to replace it with something just as cool.

Discord Proximity Voice Removed
Lets be honest… No one really used it, as we all enjoy the discord chat channels more. It’s not great when you are talking to someone, and they walk too far to the point you get disconnected. Therefore, we have made the decision to remove the Proximity Chat on discord.

No More Non Vanilla Stackable Items
This one right here absolutely breaks my heart. I worked extremely hard to bring you all stackable items including potions, beds, lava buckets etc… But, sadly with the inventory changes introduced by 1.19.3 it just makes it to difficult to continue to provide this.

I am sorry these features have been removed, and shall of course find new exciting features to replace them.

The bits you have really been waiting for.

We have a new Bedwars Map in the Lobby! It is desert themed, and much larger than our current 2 maps. You can check it out, and play a round or 5 with your friends by heading to the Lobby Bedwars area.

The moment you have all been waiting for…. The Resource World has been refreshed! And even better… It is now 10,000 blocks in size! We have quadrupled the size of the Resource World to ensure that there is plenty for you all to discover. The Resource World can be accessed by visiting the Portal in the Capitol.

It looks like 200 shopping plots just simply wasn’t enough! Therefore, we have added an additional 40 plots giving us a total of 240 shopping plots. Damn, that is a lot of shopping! The new street colours are Black and White.

We all love a good death in game right? No? Just me? Well, you may notice that the Death Messages in game have had a little tweakaroo! We now have our own custom death messages which are hand picked for our community. This is just a little something extra to entertain us whilst mining. Also, more importantly… There shall be no more death spam! You know when someone is killing another player constantly, and they are flooding chat with their kills? No more! When you kill another player more than 3 times in 30 seconds, your deaths will no longer be broadcast to the entire server. Instead, after the 3rd death only the player who is being killed shall receive the death messages.

Now Mojang has finally caught up with us, you can automatically redeem an Iron Golem Spawner Egg from the Egg Trader in the Capitol. This will mean no more having to message myself or Modmail to swap over the Spawner Egg Key.

A lot of plugins, and back end features have been updated! So, if you do find a bug or a glitch… please message ModMail with the problem so we can fix it as quickly as possible.

I would like to thank you for your patience, and for allowing me a few hours to update our Minecraft home! You shall be able to join the server at 7pm UTC. See you all online soon!

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