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Check out this weeks events below.

FRIDAY 3rd February – Monthly Trade Fair!
Time to find some extra diamonds! This Friday, our favourite traders arrive with some new goodies. The traders will be selling a variety of items, and heads for everyone to purchase. They shall arrive on Friday, and shall be here until Sunday 5th February. Currency will be diamonds. Due to in game rules, only Member and above will be able to visit the Shopping District. If you are not a member, you still have time to rank up!

FRIDAY 3rd February – 5pm UTC – Silent Auction Ends!
Our monthly silent auction ends this Friday! Make sure you get your bids in before Friday at 5pm UTC. When players get banned or go inactive with the community, we shulker box up their items, and keep it securely locked away! This is now your chance to grab their forbidden goodies at the Silent Auction. This is a Member, and above event due to the value of the items in the shulkers. Happy bidding everyone!

SATURDAY 4th February – 11am UTC – Creeper Tennis!
We shall be kicking off the weekend with our favourite sport…. Creeper Tennis! Have you yet to smack a creeper across a tennis court? Well, we are about to make that dream a reality! The game is exploding-ly simple. Hit a creeper into the opposite side of the tennis court using your magical tennis rackets! If it explodes on the opposite of the court, then you get 1 point. If someone on the opposite team gets killed by the creeper, you get an extra point. The first team to 20 points wins!

SATURDAY 4th February – 7pm UTC – The Divide!
For hundreds of years, there has been a giant wall dividing 2 nations. Nobody knows who built this wall, or why it was even created. The only thing that everyone does know is that the wall is starting to crack! Will this 900 year old wall finally crumble? Will the 2 civilizations finally meet face to face? I wonder what will happen? With only an hour to prepare before the wall collapses, you must protect your Slime King from the invaders!

SUNDAY 5th February – 7pm UTC – TogetherCraft 2nd Birthday!
Can you believe that it is almost our 2nd Birthday? 2 years! No wonder my hair is going grey a lot faster lately. The small community which started with only just 6 players is now home to hundreds of players around the world. To celebrate our 2nd Birthday, we shall be hosting a birthday party on Sunday. Everyone is of course welcome to join us! There will be cake, mini games, and a lot of of fun together! Although “officially” our 2nd Birthday is on Monday 6th February, we believe that it was best to host our party on Sunday. The biggest reason being that most of you shall be at work, school or have other commitments. By hosting the party on Sunday, instead of the Monday… You then have more of an opportunity to not miss the 2nd birthday party fun!

Everyone is welcome to join. Have a brilliant rest of the week!

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