1.19 is here!

Hey everyone! This is the announcement that you have been waiting for. What have we been doing for the last couple of days? Well, lets just say that these days have been fueled by Red Bull. We are very excited to share this 1.19 update, and show you the new features!

Resource World!
We now have our very own Resource World for collecting materials without destroying our main world. This world should be used mainly for collecting materials only, as it shall be reset once a month. So, also be careful what you build! You can find the portal in the south east corner, a few blocks from the Shopping portal. Everyone is welcome in the resource world including newcomers!

Proxmity Chat!
I know this has been a long requested server feature, and I am very excited to announce that our community now has Proximity Chat! This is a fantastic way to communicate with others who are nearby in the way. Perfect for working together, or making new friends.

How does proximity chat work?
You do NOT need to download anything, or install any mods. All you need is discord. Yes, it is that simple! Simply join the Proximity Chat Lobby, and when you are near another player… You shall be connected together! It really is that simple! No mods needed, no external programs. Just connect to the Lobby, and when you are near another player… you will be connected like rockit science!

Bedwars in the Lobby!
Yes, you did read that correctly….. We have a new mini game in the Lobby. Introducing Bedwars! Bedwars is an increasingly popular game where players have to destroy the other teams beds. Until a player’s bed is destroyed, they can keep coming back to life! So, players need to protect their own bed as well. We currently only have one map, which is our River map. This can hold 8 players, however we shall be adding more maps in the near future!

Map, Map, Map!
Some of you may have already noticed, but the map has had a little tweaking done to it! The map is now more simpler, colourful, and less resource heavy! It now also includes the end, nether, and the resource world. You can view the map from the website, or by doing /map in game. The map shall take a few days to render, so don’t get scared if you can’t see something currently!

NEW Donator Rank!
Yes, we have a NEW Donator Rank! I know this has been requested often by players who have been here long, and thus I have made your wish a reality. Introducing Amethyst! Perks include /lay, your own personal vault, and more! You can see the full details on our store.

Getting More Creative!
I know many of you absolutely love our Creative World… I mean we love it just as much! However, it has been an often request for more plots. Well, as from today you can purchase more plots! You can increase your plot limits to 12, 15, and 18 plots. This will encourage endless creativity in an awesome space!

Player Vaults!
How awesome would it be to have more space whilst travelling? Maybe something like an extra ender chest? Well, we now have Player Vaults! 1 player vault is included in the Amethyst, and Elder Rank. However, if you need more personal space you can purchase them from the store.

1.19 – PART 2 – Quests!
We have been working extremely hard on adding Quests to the community, to the point where we have created almost 600 quests for you all to enjoy! The sad part is that Quests shall not added to the community until Friday after the restart when they are completed. The reason for this being that the Quests are hand written, and each one has taken an extremely long time! Not days, but weeks. Therefore, we just need a little more time to make sure they are perfect.

As you know, the Vote Crate was removed from the Capitol, and has now been replaced with a NEW Quest Crate! You can earn keys only by completing Quests in game. Everyone can do the quests, including Newcomers!

I know some of you expected Hardcore Season 2 to start today, but sadly my plate was extremely full with the Survival World. Hardcore Season 2 is coming, and we shall announce a date when ready! Keep an eye on the 📣|announcements channel.

20% off Store SALE!
To celebrate the launch of 1.19, and the new features we shall be offering we shall be offering 20% OFF EVERYTHING in the store until Friday 8th July!

Bugs, and glitches are bound to happen when 1.19 is still new to developers. So, if you do find a bug or a glitch… please message ModMail on discord with the problem so we can fix it as quickly as possible.

Thank you all for being so patient! You will be able to join the server from 7pm UTC Today. I would use this short time to update your launchers, and mods to 1.19 ready for the launch. See you all soon!

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