1.20.1 Sneak Preview

Me again everyone! Well, it looks like you got the 75 reactions, so here is your second sneaky peaky. The Post Office in the Shopping District has been updated, and given a splash of colour! The Post Office is an essential part of our community, and something which is used regurlarly. The only problem was… trying to find another players PO Box! Therefore, we have added 6 coloured zones in the Post Office making it much easier, and simpler to find another players PO Box. In addition to this, we have rejumbled the layout which means we were able to add an additional 100 barrels! Your PO Boxes are currently being moved over, but once you are back online you are more than welcome to move your PO Box to a more prefered colour or location. Just a reminder that due to the location of the Post Office in the Shopping District, this is only available to Member and above. We hope you enjoy this new update!

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