Minecraft 1.20.1 Is Here!

@everyone this is the announcement that you have all been waiting for! What has that rockit been up to? How dare he stop me playing my favourite block game for a few days. Well, buckle up! I got a lot to share with you. Firstly, I would like to say that the overworld, end, and nether have been “trimmed” successfully giving us a whole new 10 million chunks to play with! This shall allow for new biomes, and structures to generate. I shall have to keep this post short, and sweet as Discord don’t like a lot of text.


Let’s start off with the fun stuff first! We now have our very own Adventure server. This shall be a space for players with @Explorer rank, and above to adventure around other maps. The world shall be updated periodically to give us always something new to explore, and take inspiration from. Our first map is…. Hermitcraft Season 7! Yes. You can walk around the hermits world, and explore it at your very own pace! Check out Grian’s Barge, visit Scars Fantasy Village, and even nosey around Keralis’ City! This also comes with it’s very own /map which shall be added to the website shortly.


The resource world has been increased to 15,000 blocks in size, and now even has its own Nether! Yes, you can now go swinging your pickaxes like wild animals destroying the nether without the fear of destroying another players path or build. The Resource Nether is 10,000 blocks in size, and can also be viewed from the map. The only way to enter the Resource Nether is by the Resource World. This comes with the sad news that you shall not be able to transport animals, mobs, etc. out of the Resource World anymore.


We know that some of you had completed all of the quests, so therefore we have added an extra 200+ quests! With a total of 834 quests now.


We now have our very own Event Crate! This is an extra way for those who join, and enjoy the events to be rewarded for playing together. Event Keys can only be obtained by participating in events.


The Crate Keys have been given a little “update”, and they now match the coloured wall behind the crates. All your keys shall work perfectly fine, but for those who would like the “new” keys you can trade these with the trader in the corner of the Crate Room. The Reward Crate has also been updated with the addition of new rewards including the Legendary tools, and armour which used to be on the store!


A nice easy one! We now have a recipe for scutes by simply placing 4 seagrass, 2 kelp, 2 nautilus shells, and 1 diamond in a crafting table.


For those who read my previous sneaky peaky, you shall know that the post office has been given a splash of colour! This shall hopefully make it easier for everyone to find their own, and others PO Boxes.


All of the servers have been updated to the new online map that offers a modern UI, and makes it easier to find biomes whilst stalking other players with the ability to zoom in, and out further!


The price index has been updated to include the 1.20 blocks, and also a few other missing blocks.


Party chat has been given a little updated, and it shall now be easier to see your messages when talking with friends.


Bugs, and glitches are bound to happen when 1.20 is still new to developers. If you do find a bug or a glitch, please message ModMail with the problem so we can fix it as quickly as possible. We are very excited to welcome you back online! Thank you all for being so patient.

You shall be able to join from 7pm UTC today, so get your launchers updated! To celebrate we also have a 20% OFF EVERYTHING in the Store until Sunday 9th July. See you all soon!

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