1.20 News

Hey @everyone! In case you don’t know yet, 1.20 will be released on June 7th! This is extremely exciting, as it shall introduce blossom trees, bamboo, armour trims, the sniffer, archeology, camels, double signs, hanging signs, and SO much more! You can read the official Minecraft announcement here.

I’m going to answer a few frequently asked questions here before the update drops. This will eliminate being flooded with “when will the server update” messages.

When will the server update?
The server will be not be updated to 1.20 on the day it comes out. The server will update when a stable version of 1.20 is available, and all plugins are compatible. There currently is no set date, but we will announce it as soon we are ready!

Why can’t we update right away?
– The most obvious is that the multiplayer version just won’t be ready on the day of release, maybe not until a week or so after.
– We will not update to 1.20 until bugs and glitches with the version are fixed.
– We need to wait for all the plugins to be updated too!
– We will only update to 1.20 for the final version (i.e 1.20.1) to reduce the risk of game breaking bugs, and glitches seen in the past.

Will the world be reset?
NO. NO. NO. We are not resetting our world. We love this world, and all the fantastic things we have built together. We shall have the new 1.20 chunks right under our feet, and any old chunks which haven’t been explored will be updated to 1.20. Many of you may know this process as “trimming”. We shall trim the unused chunks within the world, and update them to 1.20. We can keep our awesome builds, our homes, our loot, and still have the maximum fun of 1.20.

What are the server plans for 1.20?
We have some really exciting things that we shall also be adding alongside the 1.20 update! As soon as they are ready, we shall announce our plans in the ⁠announcements channel on discord.

I would like to thank you all for your patience whilst we wait for the 1.20 update! Just like you, I am very excited to play with the new 1.20 additions. Have an awesome weekend!

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