Gaming District Update

Hey everyone! I know a lot of you have noticed that the Gaming District has been changing over the last couple of days. Well, it is time to announce what I have been working on! The Gaming District has never had an update since starting the server in 2021. A lot has changed since then! Therefore, it was really time to give it a little love. Unlike our old Shopping district, we couldn’t just pick it up and start again. It has always been difficult to find what game you are looking for, and a little unorganised with floating builds everywhere. Well, we have given a little love this week!

Finding a game has always been difficult, and explaining to someone that it is behind another game was never really helpful. Therefore, we have updated the Gaming roads, and made them POP with colour! Each game is now located within a Zoned colour! This way, when letting others know where your game is, you can say that it is in the “Red Zone”. This way, they shall easily be able to find the game they are looking for!

You can see all the new coloured zoned areas on the /map, and they can easily been seen when flying or walking around. The new Coloured Zones have also been added to the ⁠🎳|gaming channel, so make sure you update your post, so everyone knows where you are!

The drab looking savannah biome has been updated to Mushroom Biome, so this means that the grass now looks greener, and your games now look much greener than before!

The portal to the Capitol has been moved from in between Marios toes, and now is located by the chess piece outside of Wolf Casino. This should hopefully offer an easier way to enter, and leave the gaming district.

Yes, I know. A lot of us really didn’t like that games were just floating in the air like a cloud. Therefore, I have expanded the gaming district with new roads, new zones, and also terraformed around other games to make things look more pretty!

I hope you all enjoy this new update, as it has been something which has been needed for a while. Have an awesome rest of the week!

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