Beacon Beam Bye Bye

Hey everyone! I have been working on something recently, which I would like to now introduce to you all. Beacon beams… Damn they are ugly. Illuminating the sky like it’s a grand opening of a local pizza place. Well.. no more! If like me, you don’t like these beams you can now just cover them up. Place tinted glass on top of the beacon, and it shall continue to give the status effect whilst removing the beam of light. For this to work, you can’t just setup the beacon inside and plonk a tinted glass on top. The beacon must be activated like normal, and then once setup… Just place a tinted glass on top! Cover it up, and nobody will know it is there. If you destroy the beacon, you shall then need to activate, and set it up again.

I hope you are happy with this new addition. Have a brilliant rest of the week!

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