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SATURDAY 11th February – 11am UTC – Steak Dash!
Farmer Sampson totally forgot about their steak order which needs to be completed before Sunday! Ashy’s fine dining restaurant in Bearverly Hills ordered 1000 steaks for Valentine’s Day, which is less than a week away! Just a reminder for all of you who may have forgotten. With only a few days to gather the order, Farmer Sampson needs your help! They need you to collect as much fresh steak as you can. The 3 players who collects the most steak shall be rewarded for their hard work!

SATURDAY 11th February – 7pm UTC – Build A Bear!
The local Teddy Bear Factory owned by the infamous MrBearMan_ has been really disappointed in their recent sales with Valentine’s day being so close! Usually this time of year is busy for them, but for some reason loved up couples are not buying their latest fuzzy bear. Maybe it’s the eyebrows? MrBearMan is looking for a new bear to sell, and really needs your help. Do you think you can create a new bear? Something that every couple, child, and grandmother will want to put in their shopping basket? You will only have 30 minutes. Judging shall be done by the other players… So, make sure you don’t kick them in the stuffing.

SUNDAY 12th February – 7pm UTC – Rose Rush!
Stephanie the local florist has been flooded with Valentine’s Day orders! She needs to complete over 100 orders before Tuesday, and really could use some extra hands to help collect the roses. We have agreed to meet on Sunday to ensure that Stephanie is able to fulfill her romantic orders. Stephanie knows your time is valuable, so has agreed to swap any roses you find for rewards! Can you help Stephanie’s business continue to blossom?

TUESDAY 14th February – 7pm UTC – Valentine’s Day Jamboree!
Valentine’s day should not be spent alone! Therefore, we shall be spending it together. Music, food, drinks, and games to ensure that everyone can feel a little love this Valentine’s day. Already had a romantic evening planned? Just cancel it, and join us all for an evening of romantic fun.

Everyone is welcome to join. Have a brilliant rest of the week!

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