Christmas Advent Calendar

Hey everyone! This is my first, and important sneak peak of the Christmas fun we have planned. This one has to be announced first, but there is LOTS more to come! This year we shall have our very own Advent Calendar! Every time you log into /survival you will be able to claim a Christmas Crate Key. Yes, every day… You shall have a chance to claim a key! It is the season for giving after all.

The Christmas Crate where you can use the key shall be located under the Christmas Tree in the Christmas Village! You cannot access the Christmas Village until 1st December 7pm UTC, however you can claim your first reward from the 1st December 00:00UTC. Which shall be in less than 8 hours! If you miss a day, you will not be able to claim that day.

The command to open the Advent Calendar is /adventcalendar or /ac for those who don’t like typing.

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