Frosty Fortune

Santa absolutely loves this time of year! Not only is it the season to be jolly… But, more importantly Santa gets big paid big! He receives diamond payments from companies for using his name, and image in their advertising campaigns. How else do you think he can afford to only work one month a year? This year is Santa’s biggest endorsement to date! So large, that it requires this amount of diamonds to be shipped across the ocean to the north pole. Santa doesn’t trust keeping his diamonds in banks, and really enjoys feeling the diamonds physically in his fingers. However, there is only one thing Santa didn’t think about… The ice cold weather! It looks like the diamonds have been frozen on board. Santa needs his trusty elfs to rescue the diamonds from the cargo ship! Be careful though, as it seems that some of the crew has been frozen on board. Will you help Santa rescue his diamonds?

Event date: SUNDAY 4th December – 7pm UTC

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