Dig Out

Gimlilithegreat the greedy dwarven miner, heard rumours of a jewel much more precious than gold! A jewel so shiny, it blinded those who looked directly at it. Gimli assembled a crew of brave dwarves to help them find such a treasure. After days of mining in the dark, a glimmer of light appeared through a crack! Could the rumours be true? Could this be the blinding Amethyst Crystal they had heard of?

As Gimli and their crew rushed towards the light… they saw not one, but 5 Blocks of budding Amethyst! As they looked around in awe, they could see another light in the distance! Could there be more? Shrieking with excitement, the walls began to crack! But, wait… This crystal had already been discovered by someone else. Was it other brave Dwarves? Or that FuzzyFunk, and their crew of rebels? Bellowing “Come on, we can take ’em!” to her team, the cracks grew deeper, and the redstone walls began to crumble.

Separated by redstone ore, you must dig a path through the rubble. Find the other teams budding amethyst, and destroy it! Whilst protecting your own amethyst from those nasty rebels. Will you be a brave dwarf, or will you be a cunning rebel?

Event Location: Event Portal
Event Date: Sunday 12th June – 7pm UTC

Everyone is welcome to join! Leave your items, tools and weapons at home or in the barrels, as everything will be provided.

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