Easter Egg Hunt

On Sunday 4th April at 4pm UTC we shall be having an Easter Egg Hunt! How does it work? We shall place a special Easter Egg around Easter Island, and it is your mission to find as many Easter Eggs as you can! You can then either keep the Easter Egg or trade it for cool rewards.

Over 200 Easter Egg Heads have been hidden around Easter Island! Find as many as you can to trade them with our Easter Egg Hunter. He will trade the red, and white striped Easter Eggs for awesome rewards! React with the so we know how many will be hunting! Easter Island will be closed 30 minutes before the event start time, to give us time to set up.

When the Easter Island portal opens in the Main Hub at 4pm UTC, you can hunt! Bring a pickaxe to collect the Easter Egg heads! You can trade the Easter Eggs you find with our Easter Egg Hunter near the Easter Island portal. Easter Eggs will not be hidden anywhere difficult, so please don’t break any blocks of builds.

Happy hunting, and Happy Easter everyone!

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