Happy Easter Everyone

Happy Easter everyone! Wishing you all a weekend filled with blue skies and scrumptious chocolate.

Easter Egg Build Competition
Will you build the best Easter Egg on Easter Island? Everyone can join! To enter, all you have to do is create the best looking Easter Egg, and place a sign with your name.

1st Place – Rare Easter Basket + Rainbow Sheep Jeb
2nd Place – 8 diamond blocks
3rd Place – 2 Diamond blocks
Winner shall be chosen on Sunday 4th April at 1pm UTC.

Easter Egg Hunt!
On Sunday 4th April at 4pm UTC we shall be having an Easter Egg Hunt! How does it work? We shall place a special Easter Egg around Easter Island, and it is your mission to find as many Easter Eggs as you can! You can then either keep the Easter Egg or trade it for cool rewards.

Easter Traders
Reminder: The Easter Traders selling rare, and exotic items are only here for a limited time, and will travel back home on Tuesday 6th April.

Ready to start your adventure?

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