Easter Island Opening Soon

We shall be opening Easter Island on Tuesday 21st March [Tomorrow] at 7pm UTC! You can enter the island by the Easter Island Portal located South in the Capitol. We have some very exciting events planned, so keep an eye on the events channel on discord for more details. We will kickstart the Easter fun with the following events:

Bunny Run
We shall be launching Easter Island with a game of Bunny Run! The bunnies have been locked away for a year, so they are hungry. Escape as fast as you can through our colourful maze whilst being hunted down by fluffy, cute, and angry bunnies! Watch out their teeth are sharp, so you may be eaten alive. What more could you ask for? Well the first 3 players to escape the bunny madness, shall receive a prize.

Afterwards we have the following:

Easter Market
Grab those diamonds, as the Easter traders are excited to swap them for Easter themed items. We have lots of cute, and fuzzy items for you to take home.

Bunny Home Competition
It looks like the Easter Bunny hasn’t made enough homes for their new staff who shall be helping them in the Easter Egg factory. To ensure they are able to create affordable chocolate for everyone, they have very little money left to create new homes. They have asked for our help to create new homes for the bunny workers. There is plots already created on Easter Island where you can create a new bunny home.

Easter Crate
To add to the Easter fun, we shall have our very own Easter Crate! The Easter Crate is jam packed with great items to add to the fun. Keys for this can only be obtained from attending or winning events until Monday 10th April.

Have a great week everyone!

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