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Check out this weeks events below.

TUESDAY 21st March – 7pm UTC – Easter Island Opening!
We shall be opening Easter Island on Tuesday 21st March at 7pm UTC! You can enter the island by the Easter Island Portal located South in the Capitol. We will kickstart the Easter fun with a game of Bunny Run! Afterwards, you can then explore Easter Island, buy from our Easter Market, and start your build for the Bunny Home Competition.

FRIDAY 24th March – 9pm UTC – Chat Games!
Join us this Friday for Chat Games! Games include Trivia, Unscramble, Word Unshuffle, and more fast paced mini games. Anyone can join, and those who don’t want to join can opt out from playing. Every question or puzzle solved first, shall reward you with a prize!

SATURDAY 25th March – 11am UTC – Fishing Fever!
Farmer Sampson has been feeling a little under the weather recently, and their doctor has told them to relax. Farmer Sampson has developed a fever, and needs to really rest to get better. The doctor has ordered that they do not work the entire week! This includes the weekend which is usually extremely busy for Farmer Sampson, as they trade fish on Sunday with their daughter. They really do not want to let their beloved daughter down, and really need fresh fish to sell! Can you help Farmer Sampson gather fresh fish on Saturday morning? They shall reward you for your time.

SATURDAY 25th March – 7pm UTC – Sky Wars!
King William is looking for a brave Knight to marry his daughter Anne! To show your bravery, strength, and wisdom he is requesting that all of those who would like to take on the challenge, to attend his mini sky kingdom on Saturday to prove themselves. With only your sword, you must knock the other competitors off of the floating island. The last one to remain… Wins!

SUNDAY 26th March – 7pm UTC – Rockit’s Birthday Bonanza!
This weekend I shall be turning 31! I know, I cried a little at the thought too. Luckily, my passport still says 21. I can’t share my chocolate birthday cake in the real world with you all, but we shall be having just as much fun together. To celebrate we shall kick off the birthday fun at 7pm UTC on Sunday. We shall have lots of mini games, lots of rewards, and lots of cake of course!

Everyone is welcome to join. Have a great rest of the week!

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