End Crash

We were on a recent voyage in the End exploring the what we had never seen before. We investigated the End Cities for artifacts, and left behind loot from those before us. As everyone was invited, we booked a space shuttle from the Mother Ship to help us explore faster. The shuttle had seen better days, but it never had any problems before. As we all squeezed inside, and closed the door there was a loud bang from outside as the engines started. Thinking nothing of it, we continued our End exploration.

After 30 minutes of taking off, the shuttle began to lose power! The main engine burst into flames, and we started flipping through the atmosphere. We eventually crash landed on a deserted End Island! After checking everyone was okay, we realised that there was no way to contact the Mother Ship.

With only a chest full of Space Pearls (ender pearls) we must travel through space, and make it back to the Mother Ship to save everyone else on board. Do you have the courage to space pearl through space, and make it back to the Mother? Will you be our hero, and save everyone else on board? First player to make it back to the ship, shall win a Hero’s prize!

Event: End Race – Ender Pearl Race
Event Date: Saturday 20th November – 11am UTC
Event Location: Event Portal

Everyone is welcome to join! Including Newcomers. Leave your own tools at home, or in the barrels provided as they will be lost in space!

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