Event This Weekend

We have an extra event on Friday this week! Check out this weekend’s events below.

Friday 15th April – 7pm UTC – Easter Egg Hunt!

Time to dust off your Easter Basket, and find your bonnet. We are going to have a HUGE Easter Egg Hunt with over 1000 Easter Eggs to find! Any eggs you find, you can either keep or trade for rewards.

Saturday 16th April – 11am UTC – Boat Bash!

Start the Easter weekend perfectly with a quiet row across the Easter Island Lake. Sounds wonderful right? I know what you are thinking. Where is the fun in rowing your boat quietly? Why don’t we all have a sword to slice the other players in their boats? Well, that is exactly how we should be spending our Easter Saturday morning of course! The last player to survive the boat bash, shall receive a prize.

Saturday 16th April – 7pm UTC – Egg Fight!

How amazing would it be to throw eggs at another player to the point that it actually kills them? Well, prepare for the egg fight of your life! Two teams will need to battle it out to prove who is the egg champions! The winning team shall receive a prize. Will your team be victorious, or will you be leaving with yolk on your face?

Sunday 17th April – 7pm UTC – Bunny Run 2!

Will you be the first to escape our NEW Bunny Run? Larger, harder to escape, and even MORE fluffy bunnies! What more could you ask for? Well the first player to escape the bunny madness, shall receive a prize.

Everyone is welcome! Including Newcomers. Have a great weekend everyone!

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