The Library Is Back

Okay everyone, I admit it has been gone for longer than we wanted. But, the Library is back! Bigger, and more glamorous than before. It is the perfect safe place to read a book. You can find the library upstairs in the Shopping District Town Hall. There is stairs to the right which lead you upstairs, or there is a high speed elevator sign on the left as you enter the Shopping Town Hall. The Library is only accessible for Members, and above as it is within the Shopping District.

What the hell is the Library?
Have you ever wanted to share a book? Maybe a cooking recipe? Or even your school homework? The Library is our community space for you to share books with others to read! Anyone can write a book, and is welcome to add their own books to our Library. Just write a book, place it on an empty lectern, and update the sign above with the book title. We have placed the books from our old library inside, so there is book already to read!

I am very excited to see what books you all write. Have a great rest of the week!

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