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FRIDAY 9th June – 9pm UTC – Chat Games!
Join us this Friday for Chat Games! Games include Trivia, Unscramble, Word Unshuffle, and more fast paced mini games. Anyone can join, and those who don’t want to join can opt out from playing. Every question or puzzle solved first, shall reward you with a prize!

SATURDAY 10th June – 11am UTC – TogetherKart Sunshine Tournament!
This Saturday is the TogetherKart Sunshine Tournament! Are you the speediest ice boat racer in the World? There is a Jackpot to be won for the first 3 players who finish first. For those who haven’t experienced the track before, you can trial it in the Gaming district! The ice track has curves, elevators and obstacles. Will you be taking home the Jackpot?

SATURDAY 10th June – 7pm UTC – Iron Defence!
In the North is an exclusive Iron Golem Village, which has been hidden away for centuries. This village used to have over 400 iron golems living there! As you know, Iron is an extremely valuable source to make weapons, tools, and armour. An army of iron hungry Mobs have been hunting the Iron Golems down for years for their valuable resource. There is now only one problem, there is only 10 Iron Golems left in the Iron Village! There has been whispers of an attack this Saturday. The Iron Golem Chief needs your help to protect their village from these barbaric mobs! Can you help keep the iron golems safe? During 3 intense waves of attack, you must defend the Iron Village! If all the iron golems are killed during the raid, then you lose. Keep them safe before the time runs out!

SUNDAY 11th June – 7pm UTC – Sheep Smash!
Farmers have been swapping their sheep for grass, as it now more profitable than wool. 4 local farmers have let the sheep that they used to own roam wild, and have turned all of their pens into grass fields to maximise their profits. There is now only one problem, the free roaming sheep are now eating the grass! The 4 farmers are desperate to sell the grass, so need as few sheep as possible roaming their land. Therefore, they have hired us to push back the sheep into the other farmers fields!

Everyone is welcome to join! 💙

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