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FRIDAY 16th June – 9pm UTC – Movie Night!
Join us this Friday at 9pm UTC for Movie Night! We have a choice of films above, which you can still vote on. The top voted film, shall be the film which we shall all watch. Bring popcorn, drinks, and friends!

SATURDAY 17th June – 11am UTC – Fire Exit!
Ashysowa has been cooking their famous cookies all week! They were so excited to show MrBearMan_ their latest orange chocolate, and fudge cookie. Ash had been waiting for almost 2 hours for Bear to arrive for dinner. But, what Ash didn’t know was that Bear was in the local supermarket buying Rockit’s Famous cookies as a treat. As Bear walked through the front door, Ash could see cookie crumbs in his fur! Ash was so angry that he threw his baking tray into the air. It smashed against the gas cooker, and caused an explosion in the kitchen. Luckily, no one was harmed, but the building was now on fire! They must rush to the top of the building to save themselves, and others inside from this wild inferno. Will they make it to Fire Exit in time? Or will they be cookie crisp?

SATURDAY 17th June – 7pm UTC – Llama Crossing!
The Wandering Trader has been so busy recently, that they have decided to recruit more Wandering Traders to help them! They want a Wandering Trader to be knocking on your front door every 10 minutes selling only the best items in the World. There is only one problem…. llamas! The magical llamas used to teleport around the World quickly can only be found at the other end of the world. The Wandering Trader is only one person, and needs more people to help transport them from the other end of the World. Do you think you can help? Can you help transport llamas? The first 3 players who reach the destination first shall be rewarded for their hard work.

SUNDAY 18th June – 7pm UTC – Castle Collection!
It looks like the Kingdom of Merrydale hasn’t paid it’s Tax for the year! A small sum of 29,000 gold must be paid before Friday. Unfortunately, the King does not seem to have the money, as they recently purchased a new swimming pool! The King deciding to buy a swimming pool instead of paying their taxes has enraged the local tax collectors who are starting a rebellion to collect payment. They plan to attack this Sunday, and collect as much gold as possible from the King. Will you help the King protect his gold? Or be one of those trying to take it? Let the Castle Collection begin!

Everyone is welcome to join. Have a great rest of the week!

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