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SATURDAY 1st July – 11am UTC – Treasure Ants!

The infamous treasure ants event is back! Have you ever wanted to dig inside a giant ant farm creating paths, and hunting for diamonds, and other treasure? Well, now is your chance. Join us this Saturday to dig your way through the dirt like a giant ant! With your ant-acular tools, you must locate as much treasure inside the giant ant farm, as you can!

SATURDAY 1st July – 7pm UTC – Turf Wars!

In a land far far away, there lived two tasty candy coated Kingdoms! One of baby pink, and another of royal blue. Two beautiful kingdoms, living in perfect harmony. However, as the years went by a darkness began to spread through the two kingdoms! Whispers in the dark, became actions of the present. Fear grew and people began to flee the kingdoms. Are the rumours true? Is Bluemoore planning to expand their land throughout the Pinkton kingdom? In a blinding rage, Pinkton has now declared war on the Bluemoore kingdom! They have sworn to cover their land in a sea of baby pink. Will you help Bluemoore defend their candy lands? Or will you be the one to take it away from them by covering it up? Let the turf wars begin!

SUNDAY 2nd July – 7pm UTC – Double Trouble!

Due to the recent heavy rainfall the local people of Avalon have been warned that the Avalon Dam could burst any moment! The technicians, and engineers are doing their best to stop this fatal disaster from happening, but they can only give us a short amount of time. The locals are rushing around to leave, as the dam could break any moment. There is only one problem though…. the wild animals do not know they are in danger! Just like Noah’s Ark it is your mission to find 2 of every animal as quickly as you can. But, there is also one predicament… Are the lives of zombies, creepers, and skeletons worth saving? Or are they just double trouble?

Everyone is welcome to join. Have a great rest of the week!

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