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SATURDAY 12th August – 11am UTC – Pac-Man Panic!

Have you wanted to ever enter the Pac-Man game? Just me? Well this Saturday you shall be able to make this dream a reality by jumping, sprinting, and racing to the end of the game. Will you be able to make it to the end or will Blinky, Pinky, Inky and Clyde get you first?

SATURDAY 12th August – 7pm UTC – Pizza Power!

Everyone loves pizza! It is absolutely perfect with anything (except banana). However, there has been a little disagreement as to what is the best cheese to place on top of a pizza. This disagreement is causing a rift between families, and the only way to settle this is with a pizza face off! Are you on team cheddar or team mozzarella?

SUNDAY 13th August – 7pm UTC – Warden Run 1st Birthday!

A year ago today, we opened Warden Run in the Gaming District! These misunderstood creatures have taken hundreds of lives. All they want is a hug. To make this nightmare experience a little more enjoyable, we shall be providing free cake! Are you brave enough to jump into the Warden’s home, and find your way out amongst the deep dark? With only a stack of food, you must make your way through the maze to find the exit.

Everyone is welcome to join!

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