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FRIDAY 18th August – 9pm UTC – Movie Night!

Join us this Friday at 9pm UTC for Movie Night! We have a choice of films above, which you can still vote on. The top voted film, shall be the film which we shall all watch. Bring popcorn, drinks, and friends!

SATURDAY 19th August – 11am UTC – Musical Madness!

I am hosting a party next weekend, and I need music! Unfortunately, I can’t ask one of my good friends Elton John to play the piano, so I need your help. Using note blocks, you must create the perfect melody! Of course, I need to ensure the tune is popular, therefore the other community members shall be the judges. The best voted melody shall be rewarded for their efforts!

SATURDAY 19th August – 7pm UTC – Sand Castle Competition!

Summer is here! Time to dust off that bucket, and spade as the beach is calling. To kick start off an early bit of summer fun, we shall be hosting a Sand Castle Competition this Saturday. With only 30 minutes, can you make the most glamorous sand castle? The judging shall be done by the other players, so make sure you don’t kick down your neighbours sandy door!

SUNDAY 20th August – 7pm UTC – Beanstalk Bounty!

Once upon a time, a humble giant and his family lived in a castle in the sky. This castle was never seen before, and the story became legend. The story told of radiant chickens that laid diamonds instead of eggs. One day, a local farmers boy was told to go sell his donkey at the local market. This young lad, wasn’t exactly the sharpest tool in the shed. Therefore, sold the beloved donkey for a couple of red beans. When the boy got home, his mum was furious! WIth tears in his eyes, the boy planted the beans in the garden hoping for a miracle. In the morning, the beans had turned into a giant beanstalk that is able to hold the weight of 20 elephants. WIth excitement in his eyes, the young lad text all his local friends to come climb this miracle plant! Will you be climbing? What awaits you near the top?

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