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FRIDAY 15th September – 9pm UTC – Movie Night!

Join us this Friday at 9pm UTC for Movie Night! We have a choice of films above, which you can still vote on. The top voted film, shall be the film which we shall all watch. Bring popcorn, drinks, and friends!

SATURDAY 16th September – 11am UTC – The Grand Gallop!

The King of Southshire has been recently bragging about the new horse which he has received from the Earl of Blossomhill. It is supposedly the fastest horse in the world with “10,000 horse power”. There is only one problem… The horse doesn’t even exist! With hundreds of guests arriving this weekend for the Southsire Ball, the King really needs a horse to show everyone. Do you think you can get a horse to the King in time? Time to grab a horse quick, and let’s begin the grand gallop!

SATURDAY 16th September – 7pm UTC – Poppy Panic!

The local flower shop in Blossomhill needs 10,000 poppies before Sunday, and they have totally forgotten about the order. Luckily, they have my number on speed dial! Farmer Sampson gave it to them. The flower shop owner cannot afford to hire us all, so we shall be splitting into 2 teams! They are looking for a quick, efficient, and productive team that is able to work under pressure whilst thinking outside of the box. The team which is able to collect the most poppies in 20 minutes shall be given the poppy contract!

SUNDAY 17th September – 7pm UTC – Demolition with Permission!

The Poké Center in Alpha City is planning a refurbishment in a few months which shall include an extension to cater for new services, and include a new coffee shop. The center needs to be torn down as quick as possible, as Nurse Joy is worried about losing custom. The budget to do the task was spent on “miscellaneous” expenses. Therefore, I have volunteered us all to do it for free! By using your bare hands, and the tools which you can create… You must remove the Poké centre as quick as possible, and return it back to an empty plot ready for construction. Will you be the first player to complete the demolition with permission?

Everyone is welcome to join!

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