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Saturday 9th September – 11am UTC – Factory Frenzy!

A zombie apocalypse has broken out around the world, and now all of the dead have risen to take over. Zombies, skeletons, and even someone’s grandma is here to kill everyone! The good news is that we actually have a cure for all of this. The bad news it that the factory where the cure was being created has recently been attacked! There are 5 scientists inside the factory who need our help to ensure we can battle this outbreak. They have asked for our help in rescuing them, and I am of course only going to send my best soldiers…. All of you! With only 15 minutes until the helicopter arrives, can you keep these valuable scientists alive?

Saturday 9th September – 7pm UTC – Jungle Jump!

The jungle is a very dangerous place! It is really easy to get lost with all of the vines, bamboo, and jungle trees surrounding you. The worst part is when you are chased through the jungle by a hungry leopard, and forced to climb up a mountain to try to escape it! You now have a choice… Jump to safety below, or get eaten alive. What shall you choose?

Sunday 10th September – 7pm UTC – Potions Class!

Professor Dandleworm would really like to retire this year, and is looking for a new Potions Master to take their place! You must have years of experience, and be able to prove that you have the skill, and knowledge to teach these new alchemy students. By gathering the ingredients needed, you will have only a few minutes to impress Dandleworm! Are you up for the challenge? Can you become the new TogetherCraft Potions Master?

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