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Check out this weeks events below.

SATURDAY 30th December – 11am UTC – Creeper Tennis!

We shall be kicking off Sunday with our favourite sport…. Creeper Tennis! Have you yet to smack a creeper across a tennis court? Well, we are about to make that dream a reality! The game is exploding-ly simple. Hit a creeper into the opposite side of the tennis court using your magical tennis rackets! If it explodes on the opposite of the court, then you get 1 point. If someone on the opposite team gets killed by the creeper, you get an extra point. The first team to 20 points wins!

SATURDAY 30th December – 7pm UTC – Elf Defence!

The elves had finally finished their work in Santa’s workshop and were eager to return home to their village. As they made their way through the snowy forest, they couldn’t help but feel a sense of excitement and pride at all they had accomplished. However, as they approached their village, they noticed something was off. The normally peaceful and quiet town was in chaos, with monsters attacking from all sides. The elves knew they had to do something to protect their home, but being small and slender, they were no match for the huge monsters. Can you help keep the elves safe?

SUNDAY 31st December – 7pm UTC – New Years Eve Party!

Can you believe that Monday is the 1st of January? The year 2024 is almost here. To celebrate another brilliant year together, we shall be hosting our very own New Years Eve Party! We shall have food, games, fireworks, and much more. Find your best party dress, as we all head into the New Year together!

Everyone is welcome to join. Have a great rest of the week!

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