Events This Week

Check out this weeks events below. There is a lot of them!

FRIDAY 7th April – Monthly Trade Fair!
Time to find some extra diamonds! This Friday, our favourite traders arrive with some new goodies. The traders will be selling a variety of items, and heads for everyone to purchase. They shall arrive on Friday, and shall be here until Sunday 5th March. Currency will be diamonds. :mc_diamond_block: Due to in game rules, only Member and above will be able to visit the Shopping District. If you are not a member, you still have time to rank up!

FRIDAY 7th April – 5pm UTC – Silent Auction Ends!
Our monthly silent auction ends this Friday! Make sure you get your bids in before Friday at 5pm UTC. When players get banned or go inactive with the community, we shulker box up their items, and keep it securely locked away! This is now your chance to grab their forbidden goodies at the Silent Auction. This is a Member, and above event due to the value of the items in the shulkers. Happy bidding everyone!

FRIDAY 7th April – 8pm UTC – Easter Egg Hunt!
Time to dust off your Easter Basket, and find your bonnet. We are going to have a HUGE Easter Egg Hunt with over 10,000 Easter Eggs to find! Any eggs you find, you can either keep or trade for rewards.

SATURDAY 8th April – 11am UTC – Slime Time!
Farmer Jake has a very very dark secret! Something which they would rather that the entire world didn’t know. Farmer Jake is infamous for their Gooey Centre Filled Easter Eggs! These Easter Eggs are extremely popular, that even King Charles has had a taste. What is the big secret? Well, the gooey centre is actually made from slime. Yes, slimeballs! This has been Farmer Jakes secret ingredient for years, and food critics still haven’t been able to figure out how he gets the texture so perfect. So, how can we help? Well Farmer Jake has just had an order for 1 million Gooey Easter Eggs, and needs our help collecting more slimeballs. These are no ordinary slime, and some of them can be as tall as house! Will you be able to help Farmer Jake? The 3 players who collect the most slimeballs, shall receive a reward!

SATURDAY 8th April – 7pm UTC – Bunny Brawl!
Two rival bunny gangs have been fighting over carrots in the local Farmers field for years now! It is time for one gang to control the complete lot. How could we settle such a matter? With a bow and arrow of course! Shoot the other team members, and take full control of the carrot patch! Are you ready for the bunny brawl?

SUNDAY 9th April – 7pm UTC – Egg Wars!
How great would it be to smash another players egg? I know it’s an exciting thought for some of you. But, now how about an entire teams egg? Destroy the other teams egg before they destroy yours, and your team wins! Will you be smashing or stopping your egg from cracking? Let the Egg Wars begin!

MONDAY 10th April – 5pm UTC – Bunny Home Competition Ends! 🐰
The 3 bunny homes in the 🐰|bunny-home-competition with the most 🐰 reactions shall win an egg-cellent prize!

1st Prize – 5 Monthly Keys, 5 Easter Keys, and 256 diamond blocks
2nd Prize – 3 Monthly Keys, 3 Easter Keys, and 128 diamond blocks
3rd Prize – 1 Monthly Key, 1 Easter Key, and 64 diamond blocks

MONDAY 10th April – 7pm UTC – Carrot Frenzy!
The Easter Bunny wants to host a giant feast for all of their bunny workers to say thank you for helping them with creating the finest Easter Eggs this year. There is just one problem? No carrots! It wouldn’t be a feast if there was no carrots. Therefore, the Easter Bunny needs our help! The 3 players who can harvest the most carrots shall be rewarded for their hard work.

Everyone is welcome to join. Have a great rest of the week!

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