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FRIDAY 31st March – March Silent Auction!
It’s almost that time again! Our monthly silent auction shall start this Friday for one week. When players get banned, or removed from the community. We shulker box up their items, and keep it securely locked away! This is now your chance to grab their forbidden goodies at the Silent Auction. :blobshh:

SATURDAY 1st April – 11am UTC – Chocolate Security!
The Easter Bunny Flopsy, and their Chocolate Elves have been working overtime to ensure that they have enough chocolate eggs for everyone next week! Everyone of course loves chocolate, but there are some who are allergic to it. I know, it’s heartbreaking. But it is this heartbreak of not having chocolate in their lives which has turned to hate. Flopsy has heard whispers that there is a group of angry chocolate haters who want to kill the Chocolate Elves. There is only 5 Chocolate Elves, but they work extremely hard. Without these elves, the chocolate production will stop! Can you help protect the Chocolate Elves from the chocolate haters?

SATURDAY 1st April – 7pm UTC – Beautiful Blooms!
Spring has finally sprung, and Blossomhill is looking for a new flower centrepiece to transcend the district. We are looking for a new statue to add to our collection of already beautiful blooms. You will only have 30 minutes. Judging shall be done by the other players… So, make sure you don’t trample on their tulips.

SUNDAY 2nd April – 7pm UTC – Bunny Protection!
The Easter Bunny was not expecting such a high demand of chocolate this year, and therefore is a little under staffed. The bunnies recruited to help create the delicious candies usually need 3 days notice to make their way to the chocolate factory. However, the Easter Bunny needs them to start now! There is a quicker route, but it is plagued with chocolate haters. This is where the Easter Bunny needs your help! Can you help transport the new bunny recruits to the chocolate factory safely? Or will you be the reason Easter is chocolateless.

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